Why are Brand Guidelines so important?

Guidelines keep your brand on the right track and moving in the right direction. Guidelines guarantee consistency across your brand, which reassures the customer. People like to know what they’re getting. Think of brand guidelines as a set of rules (the dos and don’ts) you should stick to. Your brand is your personality, your values, and your vision – your guidelines evolve around these key points.

Brand guidelines address all the important stuff you can’t afford to forget about, such as the rules surrounding the use of your logo; colour palette details; typography; what type of imagery or illustrations you use; a tone of voice; the language you use. Identifying all this and writing it down brings your brand together. It shows cohesiveness and consistency in everything you do.

Without guidelines, it’s easy to get lost. You never want to lose sight of what your brand’s about. We’ll take care of your brand guidelines. It’s one less thing for you to think about.