What are the different types of branding?

What type of branding will work best for you? This entirely depends on your needs and wants.

Corporate branding
Corporate branding is about taking a brand image and making it more powerful, positive, and memorable (for all the right reasons). In this instance, it’s not about promoting products and services. It’s about building brand awareness and standing out from the crowd and competitors. It means building trust with your target audience.

Choosing us means you’ll be working with a dynamic team of people who know exactly what to do when it comes to developing and promoting your brand. We know what it takes to create positive perceptions and associations in people’s minds, which is key to loyalty and repeat business.

We’re also big on meaningful branding. The actual word “corporate” might sound large and officious but every brand still needs to come across as approachable and “human”. Okay, so a corporate business is not necessarily a touchy-feely one, but you don’t want to scare people away. We understand that meaningful branding needs a “human” touch. Your brand can be likeable as much as it is reliable. There also needs to be a “realness” to how you come across, not an aloofness. It can get lonely out there if no one interacts with your brand.

There’s truth in the saying, a change is as good as rest. If your brand is tired and not performing as good as it once did, business will suffer. Customers don’t want “tired”, they want fresh and perky; they want to buy from an energised brand that’s full of optimism and passion, a brand that looks as though it’s at the top of its game. We specialise in this field because we’ve built up a great deal of experience through rebranding.

If you don’t give people what they want, they’ll simply head over to your competitors. Before it gets to this, let us help you make a change for the better. Think of it as a new look, a freshen up, a business nip and tuck. This is what a rebrand is all about – bringing your brand and logo bang up to date. You want to look as good as the products and services that you sell. Experience is not the only reason we’re big on rebranding. We get excited about this side of the business too. We love the whole process: the “before” and “after” transformation makes it all worthwhile.

Don’t just follow: don’t blindly follow re-brands trends just because everyone else is doing it. Not only does this put your brand at risk of looking like everyone else, you might get caught up in doing what’s popular but not necessarily right for your brand.

Don’t rush in: if your competitors are re-branding, it’s easy to get the fear of missing out and think you’re getting left behind. Rushed decisions and change for change’s sake is asking for trouble. Instead, put the time into research and gathering information; this will put you in a stronger position when it comes to making the right decisions for your brand.

Do grow and change: evolve with your brand. No one and nothing stays the same. Over time, brands need some TLC and a refresh. This shows your customers and your competitors that your brand exists in the moment. You are prepared for the future and whatever challenges and changes lie ahead.

Do test your designs: put new designs out to focus groups and listen to feedback. Google’s rebranding was tested exhaustively before its new identity was revealed. It didn’t spring any surprises either; it let its audience know what was going on and that rebranding was in process. Sometimes people need time to come around to change. Customers are creatures of habit; they’re loyal and they like what’s familiar and comfortable, so a little advance warning and transparency goes a long way.

Product branding
Now, this is a really interesting part of branding. It almost works like mind reading, getting inside the heads of your customers and having a poke about to see what makes them choose a certain brand. Like buyer psychology, we apply this process to your product branding. It needs to convey the “must-have” factor and it needs to shout “pick me,” over all the other similar products out there.

People are marketed to all the time, so your product needs to have a big, shouty voice and stand head and shoulders above the competition otherwise it will never get noticed. We’ll put all our experience into your product branding to make whatever you’re selling look special and unique. It’s about creating that “whatever you’re selling, I’m buying” mindset. In other words, we’ll make you irresistible. People will come back for more.